GOLD: Alex Moncada, "Paradox: A Cultural Harmony"
GOLD: Vrajlaxmi (Luxme) Patel, "A Practice for Everyday Life"
SILVER: Meagan Vanderhill, "Einstein's Dreams"
SILVER: Amy Kim, "The History of Fans"
SILVER: Liz Lawler, "Survivors"
SILVER: Christine Wilson, "Beekeeping Book"
BRONZE: Chetan Singh Kunwar, "Droneage"
BRONZE: Lina Kim, "National Gallery of Art Identity"
BRONZE: Shakuntala Sengupta, "Prohibition"
BRONZE: Hyeona Lee, "The Beauty Inside"
BRONZE: August Sanders, "Paid For By Absolutely Nobody"
BRONZE: Crystal Tam, "Echolocation in Whales"
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